Diary, 21-31 October 2023

Good morning from Tokyo 😊

21 October 2023
It’s Saturday morning in Tokyo. Clouds are dramatic.
I haven’t yet recorded my concert visits from the end of August to October on my blog. I want to finish it this weekend.
(Until several years ago I used to visit more than 80-100 concerts a year. Now I think fewer than 30 a year.)

Have a great weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

22 October 2023
Today, 22 October, is Franz Liszt’s 212th birthday. I’ll listen to Beethoven’s Symphonies Nos. 5 and 6, arranged by Liszt for solo piano, on Gould’s recording.
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Long life and prosperity🖖

23 October 2023
Woke up earlier than usual this morning. Saw a beautiful sunrise and sunrise. A cold Monday morning. Now I’m with my hot coffee.
Have a good day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

24 October 2023
Chilly but clear blue sky is pleasant.
I want to keep my mind as calm as the blue sky.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

25 October 2023
Interesting circle around the sun.
Have a good day with blue sky!

Long life and prosperity🖖

26 October 2023
Last night some parts of Tokyo had heavy rain and hail. No rain around my house.
Extremely clear sky this morning.
I breathe in the autumn air as I relax.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

27 October 2023
Friday morning. For the end of October, it’s warm during daytime. Little sign of the trees changing their clothes yet.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

28 October 2023
It’s Saturday morning. Cloudy and chilly. However, the crisp air is pleasant. Crows are cawing loudly and noisily.
Have a happy weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

29 October 2023
It’s Sunday morning. Cloudy and cold. Some rain seems to have fallen in the midnight. Today I’ll stay warm and relax.
Have a great weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

30 October 2023
It’s Monday morning. Crystal clear blue sky draws my heart in. Looking at such a sky, I feel like I can go to Narnia, the place I was fascinated in my childhood.
Have a good start to the week!

Long life and prosperity🖖

31 October 2023
It’s Tuesday morning. Little chilly. The clouds are very interesting and fascinating to watch.
I’m going to a Mozart and Schönberg concert tonight. Can’t wait.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖