Diary, 21-30 November 2023

Good morning from Tokyo 😊

21 November 2023
Tuesday morning.
In Tokyo, autumn has skipped over and it’s now the blue sky season of winter.
Mornings and evenings are cold, but during the day it’s mild and pleasant.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

22 November 2023
Clear sky! It’s Wednesday morning.
After my weekend trip, I was very tired and rested on Monday and Tuesday.
Need to be more active today. Working, walking, some small errands…
Have a good day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

23 November 2023
Thursday morning.
Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day holiday in Japan.
Lots of clouds this morning, but very warm. Hard to believe it’s almost December. Unusually warm weather is expected until tomorrow.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

24 November 2023
Friday morning.
A beautiful, pure morning sunrise made me calm.
Yesterday was a warm holiday, almost like spring. (It’s early winter now)
The forecast for today is as warm as yesterday, but from tomorrow will be very cold. (I say again, weird 2023)
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

25 November 2023
Saturday morning.
Yesterday, Tokyo recorded 24 °C. Today is expected to be a chilly day, more than 10 °C colder than yesterday. I said yesterday and I say again, weird 2023!
Have a great weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

26 November 2023
Sunday morning.
Today’s forecast for Tokyo is winter chill. At last reality has caught up with the season of the calendar.
Yesterday I visited Yokohama to listen to Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata. Tourist site with many Western-style, dignified historical buildings built in the early 20th century. The wind in the harbour was cold.
Have a nice weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

27 November 2023
Monday morning.
After a winter chill over the weekend, today and tomorrow are expected to be as warm as spring.
All of this year’s concerts I’ve scheduled to listen to are over. I’d like to spend December organising my messy CD collection for the first time in months.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

28 November 2023
Tuesday morning.
A warm morning considering it’s the end of November.
Yesterday I said my concert season was over for this year, but I had forgotten to buy a ticket for the December concert. I bought it yesterday. The concert is Clara and Robert Schumann by fortepiano and oboe.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

29 November 2023
Wednesday morning.
I saw a beautiful sunrise. Spring-like weather until yesterday. Today is expected to be a little chilly, but still will be unseasonably warm.
Hoping to take a longer walk today or tomorrow, but my busyness might disturb that.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

30 November 2023
Thursday morning.
The last day of November. Today the same as yesterday, I’ll be chased with many errands and tasks. I want to finish all of them today. And hopefully, tomorrow I’ll go to some big park or garden.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖