Diary, 11-20 November 2023

Good morning from Tokyo 😊

11 November 2023
It’s Saturday morning. Cloudy and chilly.
Still warmer than other years, but the real season is finally catching up with the calendar. Don’t catching a cold in the first cold weather in a while!
Have a great weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

12 November 2023
It’s a Sunday morning after waking up late.
Autumn has skipped Tokyo. Air and sky colour are getting close to winter. Still, it’s warmer than usual.
I think, maybe, I’ll spend the day listening to music. (same as usual)
Have a great Sunday!

Long life and prosperity🖖

13 November 2023
It’s Monday morning.
Sky with dull, heavy grey clouds is like some kind of a big painting.
Have a good start of the week!

Long life and prosperity🖖

14 November 2023
Tuesday morning.
For the first time in 3 years, a wind known as ‘Kogarashi No. 1’, a sign of coming winter, blew in Tokyo yesterday afternoon. I got that wind in the woods. It was like spring. Apparently my internal sensor for the seasons is not like in past years.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

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15 November 2023
Wednesday morning.
Thick clouds are interesting.
Usually it’s a beautiful time of year for autumn leaves in Tokyo, but the trees in the temple garden haven’t yet known autumn really well.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

16 November 2023
Thursday morning.
Clear and sunny, the sunshine is warm and pleasant. Forecast says it may rain tonight.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

17 November 2023
Friday morning.
Chilly and rain. Forecast for rough and stormy weather across Japan. Tokyo is expected to be fine from afternoon. It’s still warmer than usual. Next week is going to be much warmer. Weird 2023.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

18 November 2023
Saturday morning.
Busy weekend. I make a short trip for Brahms and Schumann.
I wish the good weather stays with me.
Have a great weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

19 November 2023

Good morning from Hamamatsu! 😊

Sunday morning.
Today is the 195th anniversary of Schubert’s death.
I’m in Shizuoka Prefecture. I came here to listen to 2 matinee concerts of Brahms and Schumann. (2 concerts are same programme)
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Long life and prosperity🖖

20 November 2023
Monday morning.
I spent the weekend in Shizuoka, known as a temperate area, but the strong winds made me feel very cold. When I returned to Tokyo, I surprised that it was warmer than Shizuoka. The forecast is for Tokyo to be much warmer this week.
Have a good start to the week with blue sky!

Long life and prosperity🖖