Diary, 11-20 October 2023

Good morning from Tokyo 😊

11 October 2023
Beautiful mackerel sky. The forecast for the next few days is crisp autumnal weather. I’m so happy.
Today I’m going to a Schumann matinee.
Have a lovely day.

Long life and prosperity🖖

12 October 2023
It’s a very Tokyo-like autumn sky! I’ve been waiting for this all year.
I’d like to go looking for autumn something in the big park in my neighbourhood, where I couldn’t get close during the summer because of so many mosquitoes.

Long life and prosperity🖖

13 October 2023
Marvellous blue sky!
Like Schubert’s great symphony D944!
(D944 is my soul)

Have a beautiful day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

14 October 2023
t’s Saturday morning in Japan.
Today I’m going to a matinee concert of Schumann’s Violin Concerto. Violin soloist is Isabelle Faust. It’s a memorial concert for the late conductor James dePreist, the same soloist and the same concerto from the 2009 concert which DePreist conducted in Tokyo. I listened to that.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

15 October 2023
It’s a rainy Sunday. Chilly.
Although I wanted to go to the park to find autumn, today I’d rather stay at home with some steaming hot coffee and listen to Schumann and Schubert.
Have a great weekend!

Long life and prosperity🖖

16 October 2023
Pleasant blue sky. I’ve been waiting for this autumn sunshine.
Take a deep breath of fresh air and start this week.
Have a nice day.

Long life and prosperity🖖


17 October 2023
It’s the morning of 17 October. On this day in 1849 Chopin died. I’m thinking which Chopin works to listen today.
Have a good day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

18 October 2023
Sunrise is getting later.
Autumn is growing deeper.
I wish autumn to continue as long as possible, because I don’t like too cold winter.
Have a great day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

19 October 2023
Clear sky. On Japanese social media, there are a lot of reports about sweet smell and flowers of fragrant olive. I haven’t been to the park yet this week. There is a big fragrant olive tree, so I hope to go and see it within a few days.
Have a nice day!

Long life and prosperity🖖

20 October 2023
Yesterday I enjoyed the fragrant olive flowers in the park. The fragrance time has passed, but the flowers are still in full bloom. It’s a pleasure to walk looking for autumn.
Have a beautiful day!

Long life and prosperity🖖