Friday, 9 July 2021 – I miss May so much, a lovely, refreshing season

Good evening from Tokyo, where the second time Semi-emergency Spread Prevention Measures have been applied.
Day 19.

The Yakuza politician Nishimura, Corona Minister, whom I wrote here yesterday, took back his threatening words today. However, the public will never allow his illegal statement. On SNS, many people said that he should be defeated in the next election.

The landslide disaster that occurred in Atami City is more and more possibly a man-made disaster. There are growing accusations against the contractor in Odawara who dumped the soil and sand on the mountain. The death toll is 9, and still 20 people are missing. According to the news, it’s raining very hard in Kagoshima, Kyushu region tonight.

There is nothing good news. I’m too busy and the weather is too bad, so I can’t go to the park to take photos. I don’t have any new photos, so tonight I post again some photos of the bright roses from May. I miss May so much. It was a lovely, refreshing season this May. Tomorrow I’ll visit Ueno to listen to Brahms’ Piano Concerto No. 1 and Schumann’s Symphony No. 2. I’d like to take some new photos on my way tomorrow.

People who received at least one shot of the vaccine in Japan
As of 8 July: 36,053,625 people
(28.7% of the total population of 125.47 million on 1 June)

Good night. Have a great weekend!

Wear a mask and wash your hands.
Stay safe and healthy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜·πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––
9 July 2021 #tokyo #japan