Saturday, 10 September 2022 – Tsukimi (月見), Harvest moon or Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋の名月)

🌕Tonight is Japanese ‘tsukimi’ (月見🎑, moon viewing). It’s also known as the ‘Mid-Autumn Moon’ (中秋の名月, harvest moon). Usually small ‘dango’ (団子 🍡 , dumplings) made from rice cakes, called ‘tsukimi dango’ (月見団子), are offered to the Full Moon. However, now here are the ohagi, the Japanese traditional autumnal sweets, and mooncakes (geppei, 月餅), the Chinese Mid-Autumn sweets.

I also put a rabbit figure🐇 there. In old times in Japan, people thought that a rabbit lived on the moon. So the rabbit is an image of the moon. But actually this rabbit is a toy decoration for the New Year😊

10 September 2022 #tokyo #japan