Monday, 16 June 2022 – Yokohama 2 towers, King and Queen

横浜:キングの塔(神奈川県庁)とクイーンの塔(横浜税関) This is Yokohama. There are 2 famous Yokohama towers in this photo. On the left side, ‘the King’, and on the right side there is ‘the Queen’.

14 May 2022 #yokohama #japan

ジャックの塔 (横浜市開港記念会館)
クイーンの塔 (横浜税関)
キングの塔 (神奈川県庁)

Very famous Yokohama Three Towers
– The Jack (Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall)
– The Queen (Yokohama Customs building)
– The King (Kanagawa Prefectural Office)

The King and the Queen

The Queen