Saturday, 14 August 2021 – The heat wave is gone and the air is cool!

Good evening from Tokyo under the fourth time state of emergency.
Day 34.

In Japan, very dangerous heavy rains are falling. Massive damage has been caused by the heavy rains in many areas. This horrible rain is predicted to continue until around next Wednesday. Yesterday, the Meteorological Agency’s website was down because so many people were checking the information on it. It’s been raining really hard in Tokyo too. Don’t worry, my house is safe.

There is one good thing. The heat wave is gone and the air is cool! The breeze coming from outside is even chilly.

Everyone, please stay in the safe place.
Good night. Have a wonderful weekend.

I post photos from spring. These are lovely azalea flowers.

Wear a mask and wash your hands.
Stay safe and healthy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜·πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––
14 August 2021 #tokyo #japan