Saturday, 24 July 2021 – Extremely hot

Good evening from Tokyo under the fourth time state of emergency.
Day 13.

Today was the third day of the 4 day consecutive holidays for the Olympics and it was the weekend. The Olympics are going on nearby, but I don’t care about that. It was also extremely hot in Tokyo today. The Tokyo Governor requested people not to go out due to the increasing number of infections by the delta variant virus. But even without such an announcement, I don’t want to go outside because it’s too hot.

Today I spent my time doing the same things as I usually do on holiday. I watched some British mystery dramas, drank a lot of coffee, listened to Schumann and did a lot of tweeting.

Today’s photo is another shot of the area in front of Shibuya station. I took this on the early evening of 10 July, Saturday.

Good night. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wear a mask and wash your hands.
Stay safe and healthy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜·πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––
24 July 2021 #tokyo #japan