Monday, 24 & Saturday, 29 August 2020

Good morning from Tokyo.
This is the first part of this morning’s post.

I had a five day blank period in my morning post because of the summer heat and my busy schedule.
Now it’s the morning of Saturday 29 August. However, in this post, I’ll post photos from the morning of 24 August.

It’s still extremely hot in Tokyo as always. And the humidity is unbelievably high, even for people living in Tokyo. A few days ago, I visited the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency to check the past temperature and humidity figures for this time of year. I realized that, 50 years ago, the summer in Tokyo was much cooler than now. People in those days might say it was hot. But from my view in 2020, that was comfortable temperature and humidity.

In Japan yesterday, the PM announced his resignation. He hasn’t quit yet. He has announced that he will continue to work as PM until the next PM is assigned. He has a lot of political and moral issues but he has not taken any responsibility for them. He will resign because of the intractable disease (Ulcerative colitis). He had quit the same post previously due to the same disease.
Corona measures, economic recovery, and next year’s Olympics. There are a lot of problems. The next PM has yet to be chosen. Whoever is going to be, it will be a difficult time for him/her.

I’ll continue with the second part of this morning’s post. Although it’s going to be noon as I write.

24 & 29 August 2020 #tokyo #japan