Thursday, 25 March 2021 – The Torch Relay of the Tokyo Olympics started today

Good evening from Tokyo after the second state of emergency was lifted.
Day 4 after the lifting.

The Torch Relay of the Tokyo Olympics started today. The starting point is Fukushima, which was heavily damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and was followed shortly after the Tsunami by the catastrophic disaster of the nuclear power plant.

The number of infections is rising in Tokyo and other areas across the country. It seems that Tokyo has been hit by the 4th wave of the outbreak. In Japan, the month of March is the Graduation season. Many college students on spring break will enjoy parties (Nomi-kai). The Somei-yoshino cherry blossoms (Sakura) are going to be in their best season in this weekend in Tokyo. Lots of people will go out and have Hanami parties. The same thing is going to happen as last spring. I predict that in early or mid-April, the number of cases will grow excessively again, so it might that the third state of emergency will be considered.

Today in Tokyo, it was a cloudy but warm spring day. The Somei-yoshino cherry blossoms (Sakura) are getting closer to full bloom. I post here some photos of the Jugatsu-zakura cherry blossoms which I took at my walk today. Tomorrow weather will be fine, I hope so. If I can get up at the break of dawn, I’ll go to the park in the very very early morning to take photos.

Have a nice dream. Good night.

Wear a mask and wash your hands.
Stay safe and healthy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜·πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––
25 March 2021 #tokyo #japan