Diary, 21-30 September 2023

Good morning from Tokyo 😊

21 September 2023
The light and shade of grey clouds is beautiful.
Slightly cooler this morning, making me feel like my life saved. Expect daytime temperatures to exceed 30°C. Want to feel autumn weather more! 😭

Everyone keep cool and drink water.
Long life and prosperity🖖

22 September 2023
This morning the sky over Tokyo almost looks like the world in a Sumi ink painting. Really comfortable without the hellishly super violent sunshine!
Have a good Friday.

Everyone keep cool and drink water.
Long life and prosperity🖖

23 September 2023
Colour has been lost from Tokyo’s sky. In exchange, we got incredibly cool and comfortable weather after almost three months of 🔥 hellish 🔥 summer heat!
I’ve survived! 😭

Long life and prosperity🖖

24 September 2023
Good afternoon rather than good morning from Tokyo 😊
It’s almost noon after spending listening to Glenn Gould’s Bach while enjoying good morning coffee ☕

Today’s weather in Tokyo is ‘real’ autumn! But from Monday, summer 🔥☀ will be back again, the weather forecasters say. Scary… 😭

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Long life and prosperity🖖

25 September 2023
It’s chilly rather than cool. Glad to feel the autumn has arrived.
Have a good Monday in the nice crisp temperature!

Long life and prosperity🖖

26 September 2023
Beautiful sky and clouds bring my morning happiness. It’s time to feel and hope for a peaceful and good day.

Next week October begins. I’ll go to 2 concerts of Schumann’s violin Concerto. The soloists are Schunske Sato and Isabelle Faust.
And at the end of October I can listen to Mitsuko Uchida’s Mozart!!!
Can’t wait! 😊

Long life and prosperity🖖

27 September 2023
Grey, fuzzy sky mornings continue in recent days. Cooler than last week, but very humid and stuffy. Forecast says, from today it will get much hotter during daytime again. Summer is coming back 😭

Everyone keep cool and drink water.
Long life and prosperity🖖

28 September 2023
Extremely humid. According to Meteorological Agency records, the humidity in Tokyo at 8am was 90% 😯 In my study it was 59%. Today’s maximum temperature in Tokyo is expected to be 33°C. In Shizuoka and Kofu it is 35°C. It’s summer 😭

Everyone keep cool and drink water.
Long life and prosperity🖖

29 September 2023
The forecast maximum temperature for today is also as high as yesterday, it’s very extraordinary for the end of September 😭
Today is 🎑 Tsukimi (Otsukimi), the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, the celebration to see the full moon in autumn in Japan. Sky is filled with clouds. Hopefully the moon will appear in the sky.
🎑 🌾🍡 🙏🌕🐰🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡

Everyone keep cool and drink water.
Long life and prosperity🖖

30 September 2023
The last day of September. Strange weather, like summer and autumn are staying at the same time.
Have a great weekend! 😄

Long life and prosperity🖖