Thursday, 23 February 2023 – Spring wagashi

Today is our Emperor’s birthday, so in Japan it is a National Holiday. I bought wagashi (和菓子 Japanese traditional sweets) on my stroll. These are uguisu-mochi (うぐいす餅) and sakura-mochi (桜餅, domyoji-mochi 道明寺餅). Both are wagashi marking spring. Uguisu-mochi’s uguisu means Japanese bush warbler, which tells us spring is coming. Sakura-mochi’s sakura means cherry blossoms, which almost the soul of Japanese people. Here in Tokyo, sakura-mochi usually means chomeiji-mochi (長命寺餅), a different type of sakura-mochi from domyoji-mochi, but I never buy chomeiji-mochi because I don’t like it.

23 February 2023 #tokyo #japan