Thursday, 12 August 2021 – Fugenzo, my beautiful memories from spring

Good evening from Tokyo under the fourth time state of emergency.
Day 32.

Once again it’s a very short version post today.
I don’t have anything to write about because I’ve been staying at home, just working and napping. Even with the air conditioner running, it’s too hot to do anything. When the weather is cooler I can go to the park again. The situation in Corona in Tokyo is the worst at the moment. But I won’t leave my house and I got two vaccinations. I’m just waiting for the terrible storm to pass.

I post here again my beautiful memories from spring. These are Fugenzo, a type of double cherry-blossoms.

Good night. Have a nice dream.

Wear a mask and wash your hands.
Stay safe and healthy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜·πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––
12 August 2021 #tokyo #japan